OCG API: Powering the Future of Online Gaming

Coming Soon: The OCG API

Embark on a new journey of gaming excellence with OCG Casino's groundbreaking API. Currently in development, the OCG API is set to transform the online casino experience, offering unprecedented simplicity and efficiency.

Key Features:

- All-in-One Solution: Our API is an industry-first, offering seamless integration of games, math servers, and game engines, all powered by OCG’s advanced cloud architecture.

- Customizable Gaming Experience: Tailor the gaming experience to your clientele with the ability to set RTP ranges and adjust paywin multipliers for each RING game.

- Developer-Friendly Design: Focused on simplicity, our API ensures a hassle-free integration process, empowering developers to innovate without constraints.

Licensing and Integration:

- DGLA Partnership: Access to the OCG API requires a valid Digital Gambling License (DGLA), ensuring compliance and security in the digital gaming era.

- Provisional Licensing: Begin your journey with us by obtaining a provisional digital gambling license from the DGLA.

Stay Informed

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